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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April favorites and TP Queens skin care regime

     Hello everyone! Since we have been getting a few inquires about how we take care of our skin, I though it would be fun to do a mash-up video of my favorite products for April and how I take care of my skin. Yeah, I know it's May 1st.....I was having an ugly day yesterday and just couldn't get the video right so I gave up and did it today lol. Blog FAIL I bad. Hehe anyways, I will list the products here in order of my favorites and then post the vid I did of them below. Please keep in mind that everyone has different skin and what works well for me may not work as well for you. Please comment below and let me know what your favorites are...we would LOVE to hear them!!!!

My number one favorite product for the month of April is Olay Fresh Effects Bead Me Up exfoliating cleanser! I LOVE this product! You can find this product for around 7$ at most drug stores, mass merchandise stores, and grocery stores.

My second favorite product is Dickinson's Witch Hazel pore perfecting toner. It's 100% natural and stinks to high heaven but dang does it work well!!! You can find this at drug stores and mass merchandise stores for about 5$.

My third favorite product is Proactive pore refining mask. This is just a great mask for oily skin and for when you get a break-out. You can find on the Proactive website for about 15$.

My fourth favorite product is from Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Bright skin tone correcting serum. Although a tad pricey, this serum is AMAZING for taking down redness a few shades when a breakout appears. I also love the way it smells! You can get it at most major department stores and at Origins for around 50$-75$.

My fifth favorite product is Clinique Moisture Surge Intense skin fortifying hydrator. Clinique products have never disappointed me and this one is no different. It provides great moisture with little to no greasiness and is fragrance free. You can get it at most major department stores for around 35$ to 60$.

Last but certainly not least is my sixth favorite product for the Month of April. It is Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy. This stuff will heal pretty much any dry skin and even keeps tattoos moisturized all day! I have been using this stuff for years and I totally love it! You can find this product at most drug stores, mass merchandise stores, and grocery stores for about 8$.

Watch the video for a more detailed look into why I chose these products as my favorites for skin care!

Alrighty folks, that's it from me today. Guys this is the LAST day to enter our drug store haul giveaway so be sure to check it out before it's gone gone gone!!!

                                              Peace, love, and clear skin ya'll!

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