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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HP Wall Decor!

     So usually we do posts about beautifying yourself.....but today I wanted to do a post about how to beautify your home in an affordable inexpensive way! Have you seen the new HP wall decor kiosks at your local Walmart or Meijer store? Are you wondering what the dealio is? Welp folks, I'm here to tell ya what all the hype is about!

     So a little over a month ago, I got to host a HP Wall Decor party via House Party. (if you don't know what House Party is a party website that lets you throw parties for different companies like HP, Nerf, Keurig, Soda Stream, BIC, etc.) I got to test out the HP mounted photos and the HP canvas photos for free thanks to House Party and HP.

     HP wall decor offers you great new ways to display photos, heirlooms, and works of art by printing them onto mounted photos, canvas, posters, banners, and other neat stuff. The offer different sizes for their mounted photos and canvases so you can easily create customizable collages on your walls. Did I mention how easy it was?!?!?! It's so super easy...all you gotta do is take your photos, heirlooms, or works of art to your local HP kiosk, scan or upload the image you want at the HP kiosk computer, and print out your receipt at the photo counter. Some of them (like the mounted photos) will print out the picture at the HP kiosk printer, and then just take it to the photo counter to have them mount it for you...which takes only about 5 minutes. For the canvas, it will print out a receipt and you may be able to pick it up that day depending on what other orders the photo lab is dealing with that day. Mine took 24 hours before I could pick it up. You can also order these online if you want to skip the kiosk on Walmarts website. Also, it gives you options for altering your photos colors and size and even offers mirrored sides for photos...awesome! There are a lot of different options for these so check them out!

This is what the HP kiosk looked like at my local Walmart.

This is the ticket it prints out for the mounted photos. You scan the receipt at the printer after the allotted time is up and it prints your photo. Then you take it to the photo lab to have it mounted.

Front and back side of mounted photo. The size of this one is 5x7.

This is the 11x14 photo canvas front and back. I loved the way it turned out!

See?!?!? I told ya they were really cool. It's a wonderful and affordable way to dress up your home and walls. I give this product and service 5 stars so please go check it out and if you do... comment below and show us how you dressed up your walls!

I would like to give a shout out to HP and House party for letting me try this product and service for free. You rock!

Alright folks that's it from me today. Be sure to check out our drug store haul giveaway valued at 60$!

Peace, love, and speed bumps ya'll!

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