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About the(curvalicious)wooflingdiva

I am a makeup and woofling JUNKY!

I am an aspiring makeup artist in Austin, TX- married with three beautiful wooflings ;)




All my kids have 4 paws- if you don't love dogs, you aren't welcome in my house.  That is for realsies.  My dogs will eat you.... or snoot you to death... or eat you...

My husband, Van (usually referred to as Mr. Woofling) is the love of my life.  We've been together for more than 7 years and married on February 29, 2012 (leap day) at South Austin's world famous Cathedral of Junk.  Our wedding was both unconventional and very traditional all at the same time.  In other words, it was a perfect representation of our life together.

I also love making Youtube videos!  Please, check out my channel and subscribe.  Your support means the world to me and will truly help me become a successful artist.

thewooflingdiva channel!

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