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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hi guys!

This is a really easy smokey eye tutorial that I shot by request for my friend Tiffers.  Everything I used is drugstore (except the eye primer- but you can pick up the ELF eyelid primer at Target for a buck and it's just as good).

The major player in this look is the Wet & Wild Silent Treatment color icon trio.  You can find this just about anywhere W & W is sold (I like Walgreens because they usually have a huge selection) for about $3 max.  I also used the ELF jumbo eyeshadow stick in Rock Out.  I don't really recommend these eyeshadow sticks because they crease like crazy but if you use a good primer AND set it with eyeshadow like I did in this tutorial, it works ok.  I would recommend spending a few extra bucks and pick up the NYX jumbo eye pencils over these ELF ones instead.

Let me know you like this tutorial by hitting the thumbs up and leaving a comment.  I would really like to get my channel moving so if you like what you see, please, also sub to my channel and share this video.

Ok guys- enjoy the tutorial!

Peace, love and good snoots, ya'll!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's June LootCrate Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Hey hey hey everyone! It's that time again!!! This months LootCrate theme is called mashup....basically meaning taking two items or themes and mashing them up together! This months LootCrate was EPIC compared to last month and I'm so excited to share it with you all today!

       For those of you who don't know what LootCrate is, it's a monthly subscription box for gamers and geeks. One month will run you $13.37 a month, 3 months would be $12.37, and 6 months will run you $11.67 a month. 6$ shipping applies to all subscriptions. If you use the code MASHUP, you can save 3$! Also if you are considering buying LootCrate for yourself, friend, or family member please, please, pretty please use my friend referral code so we can earn points for a free box! It would be greatly appreciated!

Alright without much further ado....I give you.....JUNES LOOTCRATE HAUL!!!!!

First up we have a BIC Tech Stylus 2 in 1 pen from
My hubby just got a brand spankin new tablet for Fathers Day so this was super appealing to him! Estimated value: $5.99

Next is my sons second favorite item in the box! 8-bit glasses from Loot Crate Labs.
These are so much fun to put on! Estimated value: $6.00

Then comes Trent's most favorite item he's ever gotten in a Lootcrate thus far...
Dead Pool-Aid t-shirt from one of my favorite online shirt sites!
Estimated value: $15.00.

Next is a sticker from
Loot Crate Bot Sticker. Estimated Value: $1.99

Then another sticker which was my favorite and it has already been claimed by me! MINE!
*Squeeeeeee* Isn't it soooooooo cute?!?!?!?! It's a Help a Brother Out Sticker from another one of my favorite clothing sites
Estimated Value: $1.99

Next is an interesting item that we don't know what to do with exactly...
Loot Crate themed Wall Tangrams from
Apparently we are supposed to make a cool design on the wall and take a picture and post it to Instagram and tag #lootcrate #wallangrams
If anything, I did discover how cool this site is. They can make video game themed wall stickers! AWESOME!!! Estimated Value: $2.50

Now time for some of my favorite old skool candy from
Warheads! Yum! We got two: one in sour apple and one in black cherry. Sorry about the sideways picture, blogger keeps turning it sideways. Anyway, Estimated Value: .20 cents.

Last but not least we have a golden ticket! 
We might win tickets or 1/2 priced tickets to Comikaze! *Fingers crossed*

So what do you think of this months LootCrate haul? Personally, to me, this month was awesome! I was a tad disappointed last month and this totally made up for it! Total estimated value for this box is $33.67, which is over three times the amount we paid for it! (we used a 10% discount code when we bought our 6 month subscription)

  I love how LootCrate makes me discover cool sites like Graphic Lab, Walls360, and Harebrained! Be sure to check out our LootCrate unboxing video below too!

Peace, Love, and Phat Loots ya'll!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Woofling Favorites!!! June 2013

Hi ya'll!

These are my beauty favorites for June 2013.  If you like the video, please leave a comment and hit the thumbs up.  Your feedback is much appreciated!

Peace, Love and good snoots!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

TPT: bears and puppies and bunnies oh my!

Hi guys!


Sorry I have been AWOL the last couple of weeks but work has been crazy busy and I have been battling insomnia, back spasms and a nasty migraine :(

Hopefully, next week, both Jos and I will be posting as scheduled.  Until then, I have some funny TP commercials here for you to enjoy.

Have fun!

This is my favorite HEB brand commercial- unless you live in Texas somewhere south of Waco, you probably don't know of HEB, but it's a great grocery store we have down here that has not only a HUGE variety of drugstore makeup and beauty products, but also fantastic store brand generics of common household items and food products.  They also own Central Market, a huge Whole Foods competitor.  Anyway- I love this commercial... and how cute is that panda?!

The HEB panda is pretty cute, but I am TOTALLY creeped out by the Charmin bear family...

0_o  SERIOUSLY?! Dingleberries?!  They went there?! BLARF! I have refused to buy Charmin since these disgusting bear commercials started.... gross!

One thing that doesn't gross me out (and NEVER will) are cute puppies!  Marketing is everything, guys, and this little woofer is the reason why this is the TP brand of choice in this house :)

And, lastly- this is totally not TP related, but the company Mr. Woofling works for a company called ION Art here in Austin.  The last few weeks, they have spent building and installing this in Marfa, TX where it will remain for the next year.... or until the locals shoot it up... whichever comes first...

Mr. Woofling was called out last minute to go to Marfa for the installation.... which took 3 days, but otherwise went smoothly... except, maybe for all the truckers honking at them during the 9 hour drive from ATX to the middle of nowhere with a giant Playboy bunny strapped to the back of a trailer....

Peace, love and good snoots ya'll!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Target Beauty Box Review!

     Hey everyone TPQueen here! I hope ya'll had a fantastic weekend! On Saturday I FINALLY received the Target Beauty Box I ordered over 6 weeks ago. I'm slightly disappointed in the time it took to get here, but I'm NOT disappointed in the products or the value. Target use to give away free beauty bags filled with samples but this year they have nixed it. This is the first box they have offered so I'm assuming this is what they are doing in place of the free beauty bags. Even though this box is not free, it's only 5$!!! That includes shipping! Here is what I got...

The box. I love the packaging! Super cute!

Target beauty coupon for 3$ off a a 15$ purchase. If you stack manufacturers coupons with can score some pretty cheap makeups and beauty products!

The box and all it's glory.

Gillette Venus & Olay razor valued at 11$. Worth 6$ over the cost of the entire box.

Fekkai Glossing Cream 2oz valued at 10$. I cant wait to try this product!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips #470 Lust-Rous valued at 9$. I have never tried these because they are pricey compared to just regular polish, but have always wanted to and now I finally can!

Laroche-Posay dual action acne treatment 5mL. valued at $4.60. Yay I love trying new acne treatments! I am all broken out from the salt water pool so this will come in handy.

Loreal BB cream .75mL valued at $.23. Thewooflingdiva says she likes this, so I will give it a go. I have never tried BB creams.

So gals, what do you think about Targets new beauty box? I will admit I will miss the free bags and samples but this is a pretty amazing deal. I got almost 35$ worth in products for just 5$! To me, that's a steal! I hope they continue doing these and I hope the value stays the same.

Alright gals I'm out! Thanks for being a subscriber to our blog, we love you!

Peace, Love, and cheap beauty boxes ya'll!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Toilet Paper Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ya'll TpQueen here giving you an update on girls need toilet paper. So this week has been pretty darn stressful for the both of us. I just started a hard core exercise program and it's kicking my butt! Dawn has been working her tail off and is exhausted as well. We promise there will be more posts to come so please be patient and stay tuned! Anyways for toilet paper Thursday I wanted to share some funny memes related to TP! Please enjoy!!

Nuff said.

Ooooooh BURN!

This one makes me sad :( I hated that part in The Lion King!

Yep...I'm guilty.

I've actually had a dog do this once...It's not funny when you are the one cleaning up the mess. LOL.

Hehe. I love toilet paper memes. Anyways ya'll have a great rest of the week and we will have some posts up soon, I promise!

Peace, love, and pass the toilet paper ya'll!

~ TPQueen~

Monday, June 10, 2013

Be the envy of all your friends with Draftmark.

To me, there is nothing better than chilling out with a frosty mug filled with ice cold draught beer after a long hard day of work. Especially here in the Texas heat. Unfortunately, as much as I love draught beer, I'm not a bar kind of person. When I found out that you could have a draught system in the comfort of your own home, I was a bit skeptical. Us beer connoisseurs know you just cant beat a draught beer from your favorite ale house or hole in the wall neighborhood bar.... until now.

The Draftmark system really does live up to all my expectations. It's small enough to place in the fridge along with the refills. The size of the machine is about the size of a twelve pack of sodas and the refills are a tad smaller. The machine itself is made of a strong plastic and is pleasing to the eye unlike a lot of drink type machines out on the market. Half the reason for that is because other drink machines are really huge and take up a lot of counter space. The Draftmark doesn't.

It's ridiculously easy to use and it actually tastes like a real ale house draught beer. It's cold, frosty, crisp, fresh draught beer. All you have to do is pull the handle quickly and tilt your glass. The machine itself is relatively quiet while it's repressurizing and the battery seems to last forever. We have yet to recharge our battery and we have been using the machine nonstop since we received it a little over a month ago.

It's easy to assemble and easy to refill. The only minor issue we had was the directions didn't clearly state that the label to the refill must be facing out for the breather hole to be in the proper place and the unit to shut properly. Once we figured that out, changing out refills became a breeze. It will take about 3 minutes to remove the old beer cartridge and replace it with a new one. It does take at least 24 hours to fully chill the beer cartridges down, so keep that in mind when purchasing it for a party or get together.

One question I was asked quite frequently was is it cheaper to buy beer this way. Well, after doing hours of research I have come to the conclusion of it just depends. If your buying the cheaper brands like Budweiser for the Draftmark, then no it's not cheaper in the long run. If your buying the higher end beers like Goose Island, then yes, it seems to be a tad bit cheaper. If your buying the middle grade beers like Bass, then you will just about break even.

For Example:

Each refill holds 1 gallon of beer which is the equivalent to about 11 12oz cans/bottles. The Budweiser refill costs about $14.73 and a 12 pack of 12oz cans costs about $11.46. A 12 pack of Shock Top costs about $15.04 while the refill costs about $14.73.

So as you can see, it just depends on what your buying for the Draftmark. Currently there are six varieties of beer you can buy for this system: Budweiser, Michelob Amberbock, Shock Top Belgian White, Shock Top Wheat IPA, Bass, and Goose Island Honkers Ale. Hopefully they will consider adding more varieties in the future. Both Shock Tops, and the Goose Island are my favorite and taste excellent. The refills and machine were found easily at my local Specs.

Once the refills are placed in the machine and it has pressurized, the cartridges will last up to 30 days before starting to go flat. Unopened refills have a born on date listed on the box and typically last about 120 days. After each glass is poured, the machine repressurizes, which makes a slightly loud noise that cant really be heard if your refrigerator is shut. Please keep in mind that once you place the new cartridge in the machine, the first glass poured has much more foam than normal and should be placed back in the fridge to let the foam go down and a new glass poured. In a few minutes the foam will go down and you can drink the first glass, so no beer is wasted.

Maintenance for the Draftmark is super easy! Since beer never touches the actual machine, it doesn't really get dirty. You can just wipe it down with a damp cloth and a little soap can be used if needed. The battery is rechargeable and has an indicator light letting you know when the battery needs to be recharged. One small negative is that you cannot replace the battery as of yet, but according to Draftmark, the battery should last as long as the machine does.

Because the unit is so small and the refills are small as well, you can easily take the Draftmark with you to your friends house of even camping. As long as the unit and refills are being kept cold in the cooler, you are good to go! Make sure you keep your glasses in the cooler as well, so your poured beer stays cooler longer.

I am now the envy of all my friends. Everyone who has tried the Draftmark at my home has nothing but positive things to say about it. For about $52, you can have a Draftmark tap system in your home. If you love the taste of draught beer, then this system is a must have. It's fantastic for all parties and get togethers and will impress even the snootiest of beer connoisseurs.

Thank you Draftmark and Bzzagent for letting me test out this totally awesome and amazing product for free. My friends and I are huge fans of this system and you have made me a customer for life!

Peace, love, and tasty beer ya'll! Cheers!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Allure Beauty Box Summer Essentials Review!!

Hey Guys!

Welcome to toilet paper Thursday!!!!

A few weeks ago, Joslyn came over and we opened the Allure Beauty Box that we ordered in April.  There were sooooo many things inside that it took us nearly an hour to go through it all!  I was able to cut the video down to just under 30 minute though, so if you have half an hour, please check it out.

We have listed all products and retail prices below- this was really an amaaaaazing deal!  Nearly a $300 haul for right around $40.  Joslyn and I went halvsies so it only ran us about 20 bucks each.  Not bad!

Anyway, these boxes come out a few times a year and we highly recommend getting one.  I'm glad we went in on this together because there is NO WAY only one person could use all of this in any reasonable amount of time.  Seriously- there is enough hair product in here to last me a full year!

ok, enough raving... enjoy the video!!!!

BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Chic Perfume mini .25oz- $12.00

Burt's Bees Lip Gloss #239 Spring Splendor- $7.00

Butter London in Poole- .4oz $15.00

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser- 16oz $10.00

Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Nourishing Shampoo- $5.00

Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Nourishing Daily Conditioner- $5.00

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes- 20 count $7.00

GKHAIR Leave-In Spray- 4oz $22.00

Neutrogena MicroMist Sunless Tanning Spray- 5.3oz $9.00

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15- $9.00

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20- $7.00

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser- 12oz $8.00

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixer- $15.00

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream-  120ml $6.00

PIXI Endless Silky Eye Pen- $15.00

Pureology Colour Stylist Supreme Control Maximum Hold Zero Dulling Hairspray- 11oz $26.00

Redkin Control Addict 28 High-Control Hairspray- 400ml $13.00

Redkin Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in Treatment- 8.5oz $16.00

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Tickle Me Pink- $7.00

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops- $7.00

Sally Hansen Zero Bumps Bikini Spray- $7.00

Sation Nail Lacquer Love At First Byte- .50oz $5.00 (Special edition made only for the Allure Beauty Box!)

Simple Kind to Eyes, Eye Make-Up Remover Pads- 30 count $6.00

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil- 3 oz $7.00

TanTowel The Original Self-Tanning Towelette for Face and Body- 5 count $15.00

Tresemme Platinum Strength Strengthening Heat Protect Spray- 8oz $6.00

Total value worth around (give or take a few dollars, depending on sales and such) is $267!!!!! We only paid 40$ plus 10$ shipping!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And now for something a little more SASSY!

Hi guys!

So yesterday's post was a little bit of a downer so today I have something a little more fun for you :)


Watch the video below to see what I picked up!

Check back tomorrow for another fun Toilet Paper Thursday fun fest!

Peace, love and good snoots ya'll!
Dawn aka thewooflingdiva

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All About Vapor: Review or Rant?

Hi guys!  Welcome to my first non-beauty related post!

I apologize to those of you who are only interested in posts about hair, makeup and nail polish, but Joslyn and I have always envisioned this blog evolving into a sort of life style blog and, although makeup and beauty products are a huge part of our lives (and I do mean HUGE), they are not our whole world.  We each have a small piece of our brains that do not belong to the cosmetic counter, albeit, for me at least, very very small ;)  If you are totally uninterested in any posts that have nothing at all to do with the simple little pleasures we usually post about, I totally get it.  You'll want to stop reading now and check back tomorrow when I promise to have something a little more fun planned.

So, what is this post about????

Well, this post is about another hobby (sort of) that I've been into for a little over a year. Vaping!  Ecigs!  A method of inhaling nicotine without smoking tobacco.  It's a weird hobby, I know, but it's mine and it keeps me from going back to my old pack a day habit.

Anyway, basically, this post is for fellow vapers.  Specifically, vapers in Central Texas.

It's no secret to anyone in this area who has looked into vaping, that the Austin area is seriously lacking in the  brick and mortar vape shop department.  There just aren't that many stores here.  Unfortunately, what that means for vapers in Austin is that we either have to resort to online shops or drive really far to pop in and buy the supplies we need.

I don't mind online shopping.  In fact, for the most part, I prefer it.  Typically, the prices are lower and I don't have to deal with crowds.  The problem with shopping online is that you have to wait days, sometimes weeks to get your order.  This isn't a problem if I plan ahead and make sure to place my orders before I run out of things like juice and cartomizers, but life happens and sometimes I need a store to go to where I can buy those things, get those things, and bring those things home all in the same day.  The other problem is that, sometimes, I have questions.  I have questions that I need answered by a real live person standing in front of me.  Not a person a million miles away who can only get to my email queries days after I send them.

Until very recently, one of the only brick and mortar real live stores in this area is All About Vapor in Round Rock, Texas.  I never shopped at AAV until about 6 months ago.  Until then, I bought all my vaping supplies online or from the vape shops in Dallas when I was up there visiting family and friends.  What finally drew me into making the hour long drive from south Austin to Round Rock was that Mr. Woofling and I had run out of cartomizers and couldn't wait days and days for an online order to come in.  Joslyn and her husband Jake had shopped there so we thought it would be worth the drive.

It was not.

First of all, we walk in and no one says hello.  No one even looks up to make eye contact and shoot us a smile to acknowledge we're even there.  There is a sign on the wall that instructs us to take a number.  Keep in mind, we've been standing around for several minutes feeling lost before we saw the sign.  Not one employee bothered to say "Hi! Welcome!  Please, take a number and someone will be with you soon."  Not a one.  We knew all we needed was a 5 pack of Mega Dual Coil cartos but we couldn't ask for help and a quick check out because because the employees won't talk to you unless your number has been called.  So, we take a number.  And we wait... and wait... and wait... An hour and a half later, our number is finally called.  We ask for the box of cartos we came for and the employee helping us acts put out.  We pay for our cartos and leave.  No thank you.  No see ya next time.  No come back soon.

We were shell shocked.  We could not believe it.  We had driven an hour up north to come to this shop, waited another hour and a half to even be acknowledged, and then weren't even thanked for spending our hard earned money in their establishment.  We were totally put off.  Mr. Woofling said he never wanted to go there again, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe it was an off day?  Maybe the guy that "helped" us was hung over?  Maybe they ran inventory the night before and everyone was tired and grumpy and needed a nap?  It could have been anything, but surely, this place can't run a successful business based on what we had experienced that day.  It had to be a fluke!

Not too long after that, I decided to try a different approach.  Jake advised me to pre-order my items so when I got to the shop, I wouldn't have to take a number and wait.  The next time we needed cartos, I called  AAV to see how to place my order.  They said I had to do it online.  Okay, I get that.  There are certain security measures taken in online orders that can't be done on the phone.  No problem.  So, I tell the girl on the phone that I'll do that- I'll go online, place my order and I'll be in the area soon.  She says I have to wait for a confirmation email telling me that the order is ready to be picked up and it would take a minimum of 2 hours for it to be completed.  I was really puzzled by this because, again, all I needed was a couple of boxes of cartomizers but I said ok.  It was a weekday.  I was working.  I had some clients to see in Round Rock so I would schedule my route around the order.  I could live with that if I didn't have to wait in line.  About an hour passed and I got the email.  I stop in and pick up my order.  Smooth.  No problems.  The staff still wasn't friendly when I went in but I was in a hurry anyway.  I thought maybe it was all in my head.

I placed several more orders after that in exactly the same way.  Most of the time, I never got the confirmation email that said my order was ready.  It just never came.  But I would place my order first thing in the morning, then by the time I got up there, it was always ready for me to pick up and take home.  Until 2 Fridays ago...

On the Friday before Memorial Day, I placed my order online as I always do.  2 boxes of cartos and a small bottle of their most popular juice that I wanted to try.  Keep in mind, there was nothing special about this order.  I didn't ask for a different PG/VG ratio or anything.  This was not a custom blend juice.  This was a juice that they have on hand all the time because it's a popular flavor.  About an hour and a half after I placed the order, I walk into the shop expecting my order to be ready even though I had not gotten my confirmation email yet (please, keep in mind, I think this because I haven't gotten a confirmation email since that first online order months ago).  It wasn't ready... I was told to come back later...


I was stunned.  I told them that I had driven up all the way from South Austin and that I wouldn't be back up this way again that day.  The girl said she would check and see if my order was almost ready.  It wasn't.

She came back and told me that they had 2 pick up orders ahead of mine.  I asked her how long it would take- if she had said 5 or 10 minutes I would have been happy to wait.  But she didn't.  She wouldn't give me any time estimate at all.  She just kept repeating over and over that there were 2 orders ahead of mine.  I told her that my order is just 2 boxes of cartos and a small bottle of juice.  It would just take a second to grab those things off the shelf and hand them over to me.  They didn't even to ring me up because I had already paid for them online.  She said to hang on and went to the back again.  She came back and said that no, she couldn't help me.  There were 2 orders ahead of mine...

At this point, I get angry.  Up until then, I had been polite.  I had been mild.  I had smiled.  At this point, I start to fume.  Keep in mind, I had already PAID for this merchandise.  It legally belonged to me.  She would not take a few seconds to grab my 3 items off the shelf and hand them to me.  There were 2 orders ahead of mine.  2 orders ahead of mine for people who were not even in the store!

I asked her to please check again if she can fill my simple, 3 item, non-custom order for which I had already paid in full.  Either I was going to leave with the items I paid for or they would lose the $80 sale.  She said there were 2 orders ahead of mine and I would have to wait.


I told her I would take my business elsewhere.  She smiled and said OK!


That was the first smile I had ever gotten from anyone in that store!  Unbelievable!

I told her I needed proof of a refund so I waited for her to get a guy from the back to bring me a hard copy of the voided transaction.  He handed me the paper and didn't say a word about it.  No sorry for the misunderstanding.  Please come back again.  Nothing.  NOTHING!

I will never, NEVER spend another dime in that store.  I am sharing this story with you so that you can decide if these are the kind of people you want to do business with.  I certainly don't.  I worked in retail management for many years and I would never EVER run a store like that.  My home office wouldn't have tolerated it and I wouldn't have been able to stand myself.  Retail is a customer service industry.  If you can't take care of your customers, you won't last very long.  Treat your customers like they are expendable and they will not stick around.

I have a lot of friends who vape and have previously shopped at All About Vapor.  Most of them had something negative to say about the customer service there but none of them could believe how I was treated that day.  I was so upset.  I'm still upset.  I have never been treated like that in a store.  And I won't be treated like that again.  My friends are boycotting AAV.  They won't be shopping there anymore because of this incident.

I felt compelled to share this story with you because I want you to know there are other options out there.  That same day that I left AAV, I found a brand new store in south Austin that treated me like the asset a paying customer is.  Create A Cig is fantastic.  The staff is super friendly and they all say hello to you as soon as you walk in.  YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO TAKE A NUMBER!  I highly recommend checking them out if you are fed up with AAV.  If you are in north Austin or Round Rock, check out LiquidXpress!  My favorite juice is made by them and again, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO TAKE A NUMBER!

I have also had great experiences from a lot of different online vendors like Vape Dudes, Alien Visions, Epipe Mods, Discount Vapor, and a bagillion others.  A great resource to finding good online vendors is to check out youtube reviews.  My friend Justine from Justwaaa has really great juice reviews on youtube.  I learned a lot about vaping from watching youtube videos.  You can also check out message boards like Vapor's Forum or E Cigarette Forum for information about all things vape related.

Do yourself a favor and do some research so you don't have to rely on shops like AAV for information.  They prey on people who don't know what they are looking for.  They lack good customer service because they think they have no competition in the area.  Prove them wrong.  Shop anywhere else.  Don't waste your hard earned dollars in a store run by people who don't care about your business.  I certainly won't.  And neither will my friends.

Thanks for letting me rant!

Dawn aka thewooflingdiva

Monday, June 3, 2013

Got2b Powder'ful volumizing styling powder full review!!!

        I have always struggled with fine limp hair and adding volume to my hair has always been a struggle and a hassle. This product has changed everything including my views on volumizing products and  Got2b products as a whole!

        I wasn't sure what to expect when I received the Bzzagent campaign invite for the Got2b volumizing styling powder. I thought to myself, hmm another volumizing product claiming to instantly add volume in seconds....yeah, right. I have had fine limp hair all my life and have literally tried hundreds of products claiming this exact same thing. I have been disappointed time after time after time and had pretty much given up on ever finding anything that would work on my hair. Boy was I in for a complete surprise! Wow what a game changer!

        This product is amazing. It's a lightweight powder with a light citrus/talc smell to it that feels kind of like cornstarch on your hands but looks more like baby powder. When you rub your hands together, the powder disappears and leaves a white residue on your hands. You can still feel it, but you cant really see it. At that point you rub it into your hair at the roots and it starts to grab onto your hair adding instant volume.

        Another way you can use it is sprinkling it directly on your roots. I found this way to be the best in achieving maximum volume. You don't need a lot of powder to achieve max volume, so remember, a little bit goes along way. The .35oz bottle has lasted me about a month and that's using it almost everyday.

        What I love most about this powder is that it stays in your hair ALL DAY! If it starts to fall a bit, you can just run your hands though your roots and the powder reacts and starts to volumize again. The powder stays in your hair until you wash it out. This is a product you don't want to sleep with because it will mat up your hair and it's a pain to brush all the knots out, so make sure you wash the powder out before bed!

         One small con about the Got2b volumizing powder is it does make your roots feel a bit coarse, which is to be expected because it's a texturizing powder. It's doesn't gunk up all of your hair like hair sprays and mousses do, which is fantastic to say the least. The rest of your hair is still soft and smooth, so it's just the roots that feel coarse/texturized.

          Another huge bonus to using this product is it doesn't damage your hair!!! I repeat, it DOESN'T damage your hair like sprays, heat treatments, and mousses do!!! It easily rinses out with water and doesn't leave any kind of residue when washed out. You don't even need to use other products or heat treatments with this powder, as it works just fine on its own.

        I can't say enough great things about this product. It still continues to amaze me every day I use it. It's great for any style your going for...natural volume, big full pony tail, bobs, huge 80's style hair works great for every style! I highly recommend this product and I hope you go out and give it a try. You can find the Got2b Powder'ful volumizing styling powder at most drug stores for around $6 which is a steal for such a great product.

        Thank you so very much Bzzagent and Got2b for letting me check out and review this product for free! You have made a believer out of me and I have found a product I will surely use for life!

        Check out my full video review below and please comment below and tell me if you have tried Got2b Powderful!

Peace, Love, and Luscious Volume Ya'll!

~TP Queen~