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Thursday, June 20, 2013

TPT: bears and puppies and bunnies oh my!

Hi guys!


Sorry I have been AWOL the last couple of weeks but work has been crazy busy and I have been battling insomnia, back spasms and a nasty migraine :(

Hopefully, next week, both Jos and I will be posting as scheduled.  Until then, I have some funny TP commercials here for you to enjoy.

Have fun!

This is my favorite HEB brand commercial- unless you live in Texas somewhere south of Waco, you probably don't know of HEB, but it's a great grocery store we have down here that has not only a HUGE variety of drugstore makeup and beauty products, but also fantastic store brand generics of common household items and food products.  They also own Central Market, a huge Whole Foods competitor.  Anyway- I love this commercial... and how cute is that panda?!

The HEB panda is pretty cute, but I am TOTALLY creeped out by the Charmin bear family...

0_o  SERIOUSLY?! Dingleberries?!  They went there?! BLARF! I have refused to buy Charmin since these disgusting bear commercials started.... gross!

One thing that doesn't gross me out (and NEVER will) are cute puppies!  Marketing is everything, guys, and this little woofer is the reason why this is the TP brand of choice in this house :)

And, lastly- this is totally not TP related, but the company Mr. Woofling works for a company called ION Art here in Austin.  The last few weeks, they have spent building and installing this in Marfa, TX where it will remain for the next year.... or until the locals shoot it up... whichever comes first...

Mr. Woofling was called out last minute to go to Marfa for the installation.... which took 3 days, but otherwise went smoothly... except, maybe for all the truckers honking at them during the 9 hour drive from ATX to the middle of nowhere with a giant Playboy bunny strapped to the back of a trailer....

Peace, love and good snoots ya'll!


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