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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry + Go Drops Review.

       Hey everyone! TP Queen here for a bummer of a review. I really had high hopes for this product...I really did, but alas I was majorly let down. This product just couldn't live up to its claims. I got this product from the summer Allure beauty box along with the Butter London polish I used to help review this product. (review of the box coming soon to a girlsneedtoiletpaper blog page near you!) You can buy the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry + Go Drops for around 7$ at most drug stores, mass merchandise stores, and even a select few grocery stores...but personally I wouldn't.

       This product claims it will dry your polish to the touch in 60 seconds and fully dry your nails in 2 minutes. It also claims the ingredients help hydrate and nourish dry cuticles, gives you a smooth glossy manicure, and make your cuticles look soft and smooth. Hmm...pretty hefty claim there Sally.

       I decided to go with 2 coats of my new Butter London polish in Poole. I used some super cute Hello Kitty stickers that thewooflingdiva gave me for mothers day (thank you, I LOVE them!!!), and a basic quick dry top coat. This product had absolutely no smell, which I found kinda weird and it was very oily feeling.

 Now I know it may a bit hard to see, but on my pinky nail I poked a small hole in my finger nail after 5 minutes of waiting. That's already 3 minutes longer than the product claims. I will say though my cuticles looked and felt great and my manicure was pretty darn shiny! It did live up to its claim of drying it to the touch in 60 just never fully dried my nails. Crazy right?!?!?!

          See that dent on my nail? That was made after 2 HOURS!!! WTF Sally Hansen?!?!?!?

       So yeah...I'm pretty darn disappointed and kinda ticked to be honest. It's been 3 hours and it's still not dry. Now I don't know if this is due to the top coat or the 2 coats of Butter London polish or the fact that it's so ridiculously humid outside right now. Though, I can tell you I have never had problems with my top coat before other than it getting a tad stringy at times and I've also never had a problem with any of Butter London's polishes.

       Will I try this stuff again...yes. I'm going to give it a go with different brands of polish and a different top coat to see if that changes anything. As for Hello Kitty stickers are no bueno and my manicure is trashed :'(

       Well guys that's it for me tonight. Be sure to check out my youtube video I did of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry + Go Drops below. Also guys, we have both been super busy lately and are a bit behind on posting, but stay tuned for more in-depth reviews and other fun posts from us at girlsneedtoiletpaper!!!

                                                 Peace, love, and cinnamon buns ya'll!!!

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  1. I've found that it works well with different nail polishes. Such as pro fx complete 3 (big round bottle, found at your local walmart) it dries fairly fast. But other nail polishes such as thicker nail polish, try doing it by coat. I.e put one coat on, dry it, wipe off nails, do a second coat, dry it, etc.