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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UPDATE!!! Sally Hansen Dry and Go Drops and my mini review on Seche Vite.

     Ok so I wanted to give you an update on the Sally Hansen dry and go drops. I went out to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought the Seche Vite base coat and top coat just to see if the drops worked better with a higher quality top coat. Sure enough...they did, but honestly I'm not quite sure if it was just the top coat in general that dried my nails super fast or if it was a combination of the both. I'm going to keep experimenting with these drops each time I do my nails to find out what works with them and what doesn't. As of right now, it seems like as long as you have a high quality top coat, your good to go with the drops.

     I love the Seche Vite base and top coat. They are both amazeballs!!! The base coat is not too thick and dries incredibly fast and the top coat also dries super fast and leaves an extremely hard finish. They're not too expensive and will run you about 7$-10$ each depending on where you buy them. Thank you so much thewooflingdiva for turning me on to this brand of polish!!!


       I know a lot of people don't like Seche Vite because they say it chips too fast or cracks their polish. Well remember with all polishes you have to make sure you wrap it around your finger nail. That includes base coat, color, and top coat. It will help prevent chipping/cracking. If you lead a very active lifestyle...dishes, laundry, working out, gardening, etc...Your polish is bound to chip at some point. Even the expensive polishes wont stay on if your hard on your hands. Just keep that in mind.

  I call fairy princess pixi mani. With both the top coat and the drops, it dried in less than 5 minutes.....YES completely dry!!! For being in the Texas humidity, that's amazing. The Sally Hansen Dry and Go drops left my cuticles soft and moisturized and made my new mani very shiny. I'm still not quite used to its oily texture, but it seems to soak in pretty fast.

       Well folks I will continue to keep you all updated on the Sally Hansen Dry and Go Drops. Stay tuned for more awesome posts from girls need toilet paper including a brand spankin new May Loot Crate review! I'm so excited for it to get here I could EXPLODE!

                                                Peace, Love, and Fairy Princesses Yall!

                                                                 ~TP Queen~

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