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Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's...........TOILET PAPER THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Hey folks welcome to another funtastic edition of toilet paper Thursday here on girls need toilet paper!!! A few weekends ago, I hosted my sons Minecraft themed birthday party here at the house. I hand crafted all of his party deco, invitations, pinata, goody treats, and his cake!

A Minecraft cake made to look like the actual cake in game.

Creeper invitations.

Hand Painted creeper loot bags.                                                 Hand made perler bead charms.

                                        Watch out...there's an enderman watching you...

The party room and all its glory.

My favorite was the ghast pinata.                                                        Wait creepers don't smoke!!!

Make a wish!

Whoa! Those look just like the windows in Minecraft!!!

So all this craftiness got me thinking...Are there any crafts you can make with toilet paper??? Well yes, apparently there is!!! Thanks to the Google machine I was able to pull up quite a few! Here are some of my favorites...

Pretty neat huh?!?!? Thanks to everyone who made these awesome toilet paper crafts I pulled from Google images!!! Since these photos have been reposted so many times I cant give proper credit to the creators...but you know who you are :P

Alrighty folks I'm out of here! Stay tuned for more fun reviews, tutorials, and toilet paper shenanagins from us here at girls need toiled paper!!!

Peace, love, and hand made awesomeness ya'll!!!


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