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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May LootCrate Review!

       Hey ya'll! It's finally time for another LootCrate review! The theme for the month of May was EQUIP. I have to be completely honest, I was kinda disappointed. When I heard EQUIP was the theme I was thinking equipping your character with weapons, armor, potions, etc. There was noting of the sort in this months crate.  Although everything in the box was pretty cool, it wasn't near as good as past boxes have been. My 11 year old son liked it, so that's all that matters to me, but personally it was just meh to me this month. ANYWAYS, here's what we got in our May LootCrate!

       My son got his official LootCrate member card with his name and looter number on it. He was pretty excited about this and really wants to show it off to all his friends! Also he got a 1 year digital subscription from Pure Nintendo. Value...10$ duh!

8 Bit bow tie from Black Tie Geek. This is a brand spankin new company who launched their first product with LootCrate. I'm not sure what the value is on this item, but I've seen similar items go for about 10$. My son LOVED this and he wants to wear it to his 5th grade graduation! You can find their website here and they will be launching soon! How exciting!

Don't Panic towel from Graphic Lab. This is one of my new favorite companies. I love all the cool unique shirts they come out with every week and I love how affordable they are. They do not sell this towel on their website, so I believe this is another LootCrate only thing like the Mario Kart racing cinch in last months box. I will place the value of this at 5$.

I LOVE this and I totally snagged it for my car phone charger cord because it's ridiculously long. I am OBSESSED with ninjas and this is just totally awesome. You can find these Ninja Cord Wraps from The Dojo online on several sites including Amazon from anywhere between $1.99-$6.00. I found them here for $1.99! I think I'm going to have to order a few more!

Super Mario Coin candies from Boston America. Strawberry flavored Mario coin shaped candy inside a very hardy metal candy holder shaped like a Mario question box. You can find these on sites like Amazon for about $3 or you can find a Boston America dealer here:

Inanimate Stickers from Fred & Friends. $4.95 is the cheapest I found these for here: \

When you buy them online , it comes with 2 sheets per pack. Ours only came with one so the value is about $2.50. Personally, I think that's pretty pricey for a sticker sheet, but each to their own I guess. These will be used and will probably be all over the house by tomorrow. To find a Fred & Friends retailer near you click here:

Papercraft Ironman from Gus Santome of

I honestly cant believe they put this in a LootCrate...really? I mean  REALLY!?!?!?!?! You can download these for free and make them yourself or do what I did for my sons birthday and have Office Max print them out on their nice glossy cardstock for less than a dollar. I'm placing the value of this at .25 cents just because of the cost of ink and the glossy paper it came on. Very disappointed in this particular item.

Bonus Item! The Flash 2.75 Inch PVC Figurine from Monogram International Inc. Value around 5$ least that's what similar items are being sold for. Apparently, this one is a rare find according to what I have read online....which is way cool. He wont be taken out of the package and proudly displayed on my shelf. I couldn't find one of these on sale except for one on ebay going for 15$, but maybe you can do a search and find one for cheaper on the Google machine. You can check out the company that makes them here:


         Total value of this months LootCrate give or take is around $37.74 which is pretty awesome considering we're only paying $11.67 per box. (plus 6$ shipping) Even though I wasn't overwhelmed by this months crate, it still had pretty darn cool stuffs inside and it made my son happy, which is all that matters to me.

Alright folks that wraps up our May LootCrate review! Stay tuned next month for another exciting review for LootCrate. If you're interested in getting LootCrate for yourself or as a gift, please use my friend referral code so I can keep doing awesome reviews like this one! LootCrate will run you about $13.37 per box for one month, $12.37 per box for 3 months, and $11.67 per box for six months. Use the code EQUIP at check out to save 10% on any subscription box. DO IT!!!

Peace, love, and sweat towels ya'll!

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